Tradição Brazilian Steakhouse


Make a reservation at one of our upscale restaurants
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Booking a table for a romantic dinner at Tradição Brazilian Steakhouse is easy. Just choose one of our locations from the drop-down menu, provide the number of people in your party, then select the date and time you would like the table reserved for. That’s it! A simple way to ensure an upscale dining experience.

20% gratuity added to groups with 5 & up guests


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12000 SW Freeway,
Meadows Place, TX 77477
Phone. 281-277-9292


The Experience

Just like in our name, Tradição, we stay true to the foundations of the traditional Brazilian churrascaria.


Private Dining Menus

Host a beautiful and well thought event with Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse. Our goal is to make your event planning experience enjoyable and stress free.